Golf Addict

Are you a golf addict?  Maybe not. But, possibly you know someone who is.  If you know a golfer, you have probably seen that they are super stubborn and committed to their game. They will persist and practice until their hands are blistered. Or they don’t practice enough and play the game with frustration at their poor results. What can make their problems worse is that they may lack a proper warm-up or preparation before a full round of golf or a long practice. They begin to feel a ‘tweak’ in their back or an achy shoulder. They ignore the issue and continue to play through the pain. Sometimes the pain will go away but other times golf rehab may be needed. Physical Therapy can help them get back to playing golf pain free. But another thing it can do is actually improving their game. Many don’t think about that benefit of rehab.  By learning stretches and strengthening weak muscles it is very possible that trunk rotation will increase and abdominal strength will increase, both of which will increase drive distance.

If you know a golfer who could benefit from golf rehab please give us a call and schedule a golf consult with a therapist.  We will assess their injury and where they are deficient in their range of motion and strength and then lay out a plan and set goals to improve their game. Dr. Brent Winterbottom, PT, DPT is a therapist that they may work with in our Kennewick office. He is Titleist Certified, which means he loves golf and knows how to work with golfers. The best news is if you have insurance and a pain or weakness then your insurance may pay for your golf rehab.

Call 509-416-0444 for an Golf Consult at Kennewick, 4303 W 24th Ave.

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