Golf Injuries Don’t Have To Leave Your Game In The Rough

Often considered as the retirement sport or the sport you can play forever, golf, although a low-impact sport, can cause more injuries than you’d think. But these nagging aches and pains shouldn’t keep you from that round of 18 with the gang.

The most common injury suffered by professional or casual golfers is lower back pain. A proper swing combines rotation through the upper back with good lower back posture and a stable core. When a player lacks mobility in the hip and upper back regions and core strength, the stress of the rotational movement pattern targets the lower back. Improper form used in 70-120 strokes per round can contribute to chronic pain.

Other pain attributed to the sport can occur in the elbows, knees, rotator cuff muscles, wrists, hands, neck and hips. Inadequate warm-up, improper grip and poor swing mechanics could all be contributing factors. The association of golf and injury is less characterized than that of high-impact sports, but the chronic pain that can arise can hinder your game and even keep you off the course completely. Fortunately, physical therapy is a practical option to assess and reverse injuries.

Physical therapy can benefit golfers by treating current and preventing future injuries. One of our physical therapists will perform a physical examination and design an individualized program to help you get your golf game back! Benefits from a treatment program will include some if not all of the following:

  • Swing mechanics assessment
  • Ergonomic club fitting assessment
  • Appropriate warm-up lessons
  • Proper bag lifting and carrying technique
  • Strengthening and mobility exercises
  • Aerobic endurance

If you’re already experiencing some of the common aches and pains of golf or are interested in preventing them, make an appointment for an Initial Evaluation, paid for by your insurance, or a 30 minute Free Consultation by a therapist. We look forward to helping you get back out there pain free!

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