Knee Pain

The knee is a vital but vulnerable area of the body. The joint is prone to injury where a simple twist can lead to a serious injury as well as ongoing problems and long recoveries. Therefore, whether your sport is rugby, running or racquetball, baseball, bowling or badminton, prevention can be the difference between a league championship and a sidelining injury.

Understanding how knee problems occur by familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of the knee joint and how the parts of the knee work together to maintain normal function can help knee injury prevention. The knee has a somewhat unstable design, yet it must support the body’s full weight when standing, walking and running. So it’s not surprising that knee problems are a fairly common complaint among people of all ages and health conditions.

Physical therapy can be a very beneficial option to prevent injury and treat current aches and pains and arthritis. It is also a key component to a successful recovery from surgery including ligament repairs, total knee replacements and other surgical procedures of the knee. Therapy will usually include stretching, strengthening, balance and proprioception training and mobility exercises, icing and heating and other treatment necessary to return to activity free of pain.

If your knee is giving you trouble then come to Oasis for a free screening.  We want to help you get your life back.  We provide relief from a painful patella to more serious injuries. We will work with you and your doctor to create a regimen that takes into account your unique needs.

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