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Denise Traylor - Pasco Office

Licensed Massage Practitioner, BA, LMP

Denise Traylor is a licensed massage practitioner. She graduated from Brian Utting School of massage in Seattle. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from CWU with studies in Sociology, Psychology and Anthology. Denise has been a lifelong student holding 18 years of advanced experimental learning in transpersonal psychology, adult development, comparative religions, community building and leadership, and research in dissociative states. Along with her interest in deep level healing, she has clinical skills in Swedish massage, deep tissue structural bodywork acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, posturology, lymphatic drainage and second degree Reiki. Her skill set melts away into a sense of advocacy for each client as they journey from limitation to freedom. Denise Traylor enjoys all forms the work takes. She has been helpful to people from other cultures. She has been a labor coach and photographer in 27 childbirths. She has worked with thousands of injuries and post-surgical rehabilitations. Denise Traylor is dedicated to her patients and her love for them shows through her treatment.

Ken Pond - Pasco Office

Licensed Massage Practitioner, LMP

Ken Pond is a Licensed Massage Practitioner. He specializes in Craniosacral Therapy. It is a gentle, noninvasive form of therapy that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. Ken is passionate about listening to his patient’s needs and alleviating stress and pain through compression release.  His goal is to provide the maximum relief possible through restoring the natural position of the bones.  He is known for achieving excellent success in relieving migraine headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ disorder, and more. Craniosacral therapy can also decrease stress and tension from chronic injuries. Many patients report that their sleep is improved and pain is reduced for weeks after Ken’s treatments. Call our Pasco office at 509-416-0444 to schedule an appointment with Ken today.

Scott Dixon - Pasco Office

Licensed Massage Practitioner, LMP

Scott Dixon is a Licensed Massage Practitioner. He specializes in deep tissue massage to release chronic muscle tension. Scott’s focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.  Scott’s goal is to relieve long-term stress and tension from injuries and muscle damage.  Scott is exceptional at finding the source of pain and working through it to alleviate the limitation. He is great at working with sports and overuse injuries. Scott prides himself in working with a variety of clients to achieve their long term goals by customizing each massage to get greater results. He likes to educate every client on how to have a better quality of life. Call our Pasco office at 509-416-0444 to schedule an appointment today.

Angela Dryden - Kennewick Office

Licensed Massage Practitioner, LMP

Angela Dryden graduated from East West School of Massage in Portland Oregon in 2006. Having been self employed most of her working life, she appreciates the challenges that come with serving others through her work. Being a massage Therapist is truly an extension of who she is, as she is also an active Health Coach that enjoys assisting and helping others who are ready to make healthy changes. She attends Bikram Yoga classes regular and loves to participate in any class, workshop's, podcast, or call that might help improve her perception and become more aware to help assist others. She enjoys exploring the outdoors with her Family that consist of a Husband and their 2 boys. 

Jacob Henriksen - Queensgate Office

Licensed Massage Practitioner, LMP

Jacob went to high school locally at Hanford and graduated in 2007. He then joined the Army National Guard for 6 years and deployed overseas. While in the Army National Guard he went to Columbia Basin College from 2010-2013 getting is A.A.S in Health and Physical Education. Jacob worked as a PT Tech for Oasis while he was in school as well from 2011-2014. In 2014 he enrolled in massage school at the Ancient Arts School of Massage where he received top honors. For the last two years Jacob has been practicing massage in a chiropractor's office in Spokane and also worked as an assistant but has come back to the Tri-Cities to continue practicing. He incorporates Cupping, STMT, myofascial release, Sports, Deep tissue and Swedish massage in his practice. During Jacob’s free time he tries to get on the golf course with his son, Adrian, as often as possible. When the winter arrives, you could find him up in the mountains, hopefully on his snowboard.