Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

Ways To Beat Elbow Pain

Causes Of Elbow Pain

The elbow is very susceptible to injury. Whether your elbow is sore from sitting at a desk all day, from a specific repetitive motion performed at work or at home, or because you had an especially competitive game of tennis or, physical therapy can help.

At first, the elbow seems like a simple hinge-type joint, however when the complexity of the interaction of the elbow with the forearm and wrist is understood, it is easy to see why the elbow can cause problems when it does not function correctly

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Elbow Pain Treatments

One physical therapy technique proven successful in treating tennis elbow by relieving pain and restoring function is called Graston Technique. The non-invasive mobilization technique uses specially designed stainless steel instruments to help the clinician identify and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation. It involves treating the whole affected arm in a way that increases circulation and stimulates healing and realignment of the scar tissue over the elbow.

Our physical therapists will also spend time educating you about the condition and how to reduce elbow inflammation and pain. Proper movement technique, rest and ice are early treatment options. To further the healing process, a therapist will work with you to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding the injured elbow.

Moving Forward

If you are suffering from chronic elbow pain or experiencing tennis elbow symptoms, please contact one of our offices. We are happy to provide a free physical examination and look forward to helping you return to using your elbow pain free!

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