The Right Running Shoes

They say running is the least expensive and most convenient sport – no gym membership, team fees or special equipment – until a running related injury has you side-lined and ankle deep in medical bills. Injury prevention is vital to a continuous and successful running regimen where a proper shoe fitting is a key component.

Every runner has a different foot structure – narrow versus wide, high versus low arch, etc. – contributing to different running gaits. Fortunately, dozens of running shoe companies create shoes accommodating these differences. At Oasis, a physical therapist can assess your foot structure and run motion and suggest a shoe structure that will most benefit you.

Running shoe structures range from low to high support, minimal to maximal flexibility, and street to trail durability. Whether you naturally strike the ground with the ball of your foot versus your heel can indicate the level of stability to look for in a shoe. In addition to a foot and gait examination, a physical therapist can also review your medical history and assess current strengths and weaknesses of your lower extremity to determine appropriate shoe options.

Other preventative approaches include proper stretching routines, strengthening exercises, nutrition, and recovery. Our physical therapy team is happy to discuss any of these strategies and help you create a plan to keep you out there running healthily and happily.

Please contact our office at 509-416-0444 to schedule a FREE consult with one of our physical therapists to discuss your foot or lower extremity pain. We have therapists in each of our three offices who can help get you running in the right shoes!

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