Staying Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays tend to be hectic for all of us. The food, the parties, the lack of motivation to hit the gym. It’s not that we don’t want to remain healthy; it’s just difficult this time of year. No need to fret! We’ve developed some simple tips to help you stay healthy and merry this holiday season.

Don’t Over-Indulge With Those Holiday Treats

No matter what you do, there’s bound to be plenty of tasty treats around this time of year. We’re not saying avoid the cookie tray all together but be mindful of how much you’re indulging. Portions are the key here. Maybe replace that cookie with a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts.

Schedule Your Routine

Working out is already a very difficult task without the temptations of the holidays. The weather this time of year tends to put people in a lazy state. Couple that with all the parties and treats and it is easy to break your routine. Develop a regimen that is tailored to fit your busy life; set goals and milestones for December. This way you’ll always have something to reference when you feel like you might get off track.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Believe it or not, wintertime is prime time for sickness. One of the best ways to avoid catching something is by hydrating. Drinking plenty of fluids helps your mucus membranes stay moist which in turn helps flush the bugs and bacteria out of your system. It is recommended to drink at least 8 ounces of water for daily health.

Rest Is Your Friend

A common pitfall when it comes to health, especially around the holidays, is not getting enough rest. We tend to be running in several directions and that makes sleep a low priority. People who get at least 8 hours of sleep a night are nearly three times less likely to get sick. It’s important to listen to your body; skipping a party or two for rest when you are run down is a fantastic idea and could very well prevent you from catching something.

Avoiding Germs At All Costs

So remember, catching a cold is such a common occurrence this time of year. Germs seem to be more rampant than ever around the holidays. Carrying some hand sanitizer or wipes, washing your hands thoroughly, and getting a flu shot can often help you remain healthy during this season.

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