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I had a very positive experience.  This was my first time in my 73 years that I had Physical Therapy. I hurt my ankle and the Orthopedic doctor said there may be a tendon injured. The swelling was severe and it was painful. Several months later it was not better so I requested physical therapy on advice of a friend. I am very disappointed that doctors don’t recommend it first but instead suggested shots. I am convinced that exercise of the body in the right way is the key to healing and maintaining health in many instances. I can hike again and plan to do my next half marathon (walking) in January. I plan to be diligent about training.

Carol G.

After surgery on my left knee, I never thought I would run multiple times in the same week ever again; with 14 1/2 years of hard miles running and rocking in the Army.  I thought my best years leading soldiers were behind me.  A very tough and sobering reality when that has been your adult life, and the life that my wife and mother have so steadfastly supported. After working with Dr. Taylor Farnsworth and your amazing team, I feel hopeful and unwavering in my commitment to lead and train soldiers.  I feel that I have the power to go as far as I could before if I stick to my stretches and listen to my body.  The miles may not be as fast but they already feel more enjoyable.  I never knew how much I enjoyed running until it’s taken from you.

** I drove from Yakima because of recommendation from my sister in Spokane.  Who is a knee doctor, best after care advice I could have listened to!


Matthew N.

I wasn’t mobile for almost 3 months after surgery so I was so stiff.  I just wanted my life back and my spinal fusion was the answer!  Coming to Oasis gave me strength and motion!  I hoped to be able to get back to work and I’ve been feeling VERY optimistic since starting my PT.  Morgan pushed me (with a smile) to keep going and I appreciated it so much.  She’s a beast (with all respect)!  “Love” ya’ll! 🙂

Julie A.

I couldn’t work a full day after a fall and was struggling to lift 6 pound objects.  After a few weeks I was back to 100%!  Thank you.

Alex E.

Drew and Andy ~ Thanks so much for you working with my back.  I had a car accident in early August, which sprained my back and aggravated my mid-back.  Learned to build the muscles in the mid-back.  Pain level dropped dramatically and I feel my back is much stronger.  I have not felt this good in several years.

David R.

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