Are you experiencing jaw pain, fatigue and headaches or having difficulty eating and talking? You may be suffering along with 10 million others in the US from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD). Through an examination, one of our physical therapists can look for TMD symptoms, identify triggers and offer treatment options.

Bad posture is a common cause of TMD, but fortunately this can be fixed relatively easily. Many of us spend long hours sitting with poor posture. Slouching caused from stiffness, poor eyesight or lack of core strength can position the head too far forward stressing the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). Chronic jaw clenching and teeth misalignment can also often lead to jaw pain. Other less common causes can be the result of a jaw fracture, facial surgery or lockjaw.

One of our physical therapists will perform a thorough physical examination of the jaw and neck area and discuss any pertinent medical history possibly contributing to the pain. A PT can offer treatment plans including exercises to improve posture and soft tissue mobilization to increase circulation and to reduce muscle tension and stress. If your teeth alignment appears to be the cause of your pain, a PT can refer you to a dentist. A dentist may use bite guards to create a natural resting position for the jaw helping to relax the TMJ, improve its function and relieve pain.

If you feel you are suffering from TMD, please contact our office at 509-416-0444 to schedule a FREE consult with one of our physical therapists to discuss your jaw pain. We have therapists in each of our three offices who can help you. Remember it is your care and your choice! Choose a PT near you. Ask for Oasis!

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