Pain and injuries can be scary. Rest assured that we here to help you, and will do everything in our power to deliver you to top-quality patient care and facilities, combined with a caring staff to get you back on your feet.

Treatment Options

Patients who gather information are in a much better position to find the physical therapy approach that’s right for them. Most treatment approaches can, and should, be used in some combination.

Physical therapists provide several kinds of treatment:

  • Therapeutic Exercise
    • Most people are surprised to learn that research shows that exercise plays a key role in treating and preventing recurring pain. Proper treatment promotes strength, flexibility, and endurance—the three keys to sustained well-being.
  • Manual Physical Therapy (Including Graston Therapy)
    • Manual physical therapy is a comprehensive therapy approach that includes moving and mobilizing joints or muscles to promote healing of the tissues. This can be performed with and without specialized instruments, such as with Graston Therapy. 
  • Work, Sport Specific, or Functional Activities
    • Getting back to the job, or your favorite sports require movement analysis, and dedicated specific training. This is a vital part of care. Being able to reach over your head, lift a box and put it on a shelf with good form, or kick a soccer goal after a knee surgery are all specific areas that where physical therapy helps.
  • Aquatic Therapy
    • Aquatic therapy allows you to move at a percentage of your body weight, and increase strength, endurance, range of motion, and confidence. 
  • Balance, Walking Training, and Falls Risk Reduction
    • People at risk of falls, or with poor balance can retrain their balance with a structured physical therapy program. You don't have to live with poor balance confidence!
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
    • Often times, dizziness and vertigo can be treated directly by a trained physical therapist. If you experience dizziness, spinning sensations, or headaches, physical therapy approaches can help!

Auto Injury

At Oasis Physical Therapy, we specialize in auto accident related treatment programs designed to optimize the client's physical capacity and the function required to return back to everyday life.

Aquatic Therapy

Our Aquatic Physical Therapy Program is designed for patients who would benefit from a variety of therapeutic activities performed in a warm, safe, buoyant environment.

Community Classes

Physical Therapy isn't just for when you are hurt—your therapy team wants you to live better. That is why we are committed to providing helpful information to our community and patients.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is an important topic. As people age, physical changes,health conditions — and sometimes the medications used to treat those conditions — make falls more likely.

Graston Soft Tissue Technique

Graston technique is a non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries can often be frustrating and take a long time to heal, even with appropriate treatment.

Massage Therapy

Regardless of the pain you may be experiencing, there are benefits to massage therapy. Our approach to treatment will help your body heal and prepare you for the challenges ahead. 

Nutritional Supplements

We carry a range of both Advocare and Nuskin products as nutritional supplements. Learn about what we offer and how our nutritional supplements can help you.

Sports Medicine

At Oasis Physical Therapy our diverse rehabilitation team of specialists are experienced at addressing a wide range of sports medicine and sports issues. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Patients who suffered from dizziness or vertigo no longer need to wait to get help; new treatments are available that don’t require debilitating drugs or risky surgery.

Work-related injuries

A work related injury or accident is traumatic enough without all the other complications of dealing with your insurance company, lawyers, your employer, and doctors.

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