Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatics Physical Therapy is now the preferred treatment option for reducing pain in joint-related conditions.

Our Therapy Pools Feature:

  • Safe environment for users of all ages- children, adults, and seniors
  • Warm temperatures – generally 92-93°F – suitable for a variety of non-aerobic, reduced stress activities
  • Comfortable, safe depths with sitting areas 
  • Easy access to the pool interior; assistance to enter/leave the pool as needed, and mechanical lifts for non-ambulatory patients
  • Aquatic treadmills and Currents for dynamic and resisted exercise
  • Jacuzzi-style water jets for muscle relaxation

Do I Need Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Physical Therapy is designed for patients who would benefit from a variety of therapeutic activities performed in a warm, safe, buoyant environment. Your individual program is developed and monitored according to your specific rehab needs and tolerance by our clinically licensed therapists.

Aquatic Physical Therapy is a drug-free treatment that has been shown to significantly improve joint pain and stiffness for those who suffer with arthritis, or who are recovering from surgery. Patients can increase mobility and recover from injury more quickly by using aquatic therapy. 

Aquatic Physical Therapy is also a fantastic way for all ages and ability levels to improve their fitness and strength. It is used by numerous colleges, professional athletes, and is available in our Pasco, Kennewick, and Queensgate clinics!


What is aquatic therapy?

Water reduces the stress on injured body parts, allowing patients to make healing progress while in the water before transitioning to land-based therapies.

Excercising in the Water

What Our Clients Are Saying:

I had a re-occurrence of plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist recommended physical therapy. I chose Oasis Physical Therapy because I had been treated here before. When I arrived, I couldn’t put even the slightest weight on my foot or even walk across the kitchen. The Therapists didn’t want to do physical therapy on land because it caused me so much pain. They suggested pool therapy. Twice a week, they showed me exercises to do in the pool. When you are weightless in the pool, nothing hurts! I was working on the treadmill and doing weight-bearing exercises, getting stronger and stronger.

After making good progress, the therapists reminded me that real life isn’t in the pool, so we added land therapy to my treatment. Once Oasis opened small classes in the pool, I was happy to exercise in such a socially welcoming environment. I really enjoyed the class so I continued with aquatic classes even after my therapy ended. The staff at Oasis really cares about the whole person.

— Meg M.

When I came in [to Oasis Physical Therapy] I had low back pain and could not walk a half block; going to the store was a chore. Between land and aquatic physical therapy, I am able to walk up to a mile and shop without pain. I enjoy coming here as everyone is very helpful and friendly. I can now exercise on my own without ... pain.

Stella N.

I have CP and scoliosis. I couldn’t walk without a cane. By using the pool therapy, I have gained back a lot of my balance. I am able to work and walk around my home without a cane. I never thought that would be possible again. With that has come more confidence. I am continuing with the ‘step down’ aquatics program and am confident I will continue to improve.

Tracy M.

Video Testimonial

We hope you will choose Oasis Physical Therapy and allow us the opportunity to help you stop hurting and start living. For information or to schedule an appointment in either our Pasco, Kennewick, or Queensgate therapy pools, call (509) 416-0444.

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