Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Providing education and assistance to community members and patients looking to set healthy lifestyle goals

Wellness Programs

A healthy diet and regular exercise slows aging, increases your rate of healing, and reduces the risk of many lifestyle diseases and inflammation disorders. Don’t go it alone.

Oasis Physical Therapy provides education to community members and assists our patients with setting healthy lifestyle goals. At Oasis Physical Therapy, it is our mission to add value for patients and share ways that we can live healthier, longer, higher quality lives—with more vitality and energy—by making small changes to improve our lifestyles on a daily basis.

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Products and services offered:

  • Free  seminars
  • Free patient education online resources
  • Anti-Aging Well3 Program
  • Exercise classes in the pool
  • Running Analysis
  • Massage Therapy
  • Health and balanced nutritional products including Kangen Water, Advocare and NuSkin
  • Referred community resources including personal training, Take Shape for life coaches, educational books and DVD's

Kangen Water


Aquatic Classes


Running Analysis

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