The physical therapy team at Oasis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, and Walla Walla are participating in a national initiative to support critical health care professionals on the front lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Called PT for Heroes, the program was created to bring like-minded private practice owners and physical therapists across the U.S. together for a single initiative: to offer vital and free TelePT services to doctors, nurses and other health care professionals experiencing the rigors of today’s health care realities.

“Doctors, nurses and others on the front lines are fighting the war against COVID-19 patient by patient and are enduring long, stressful hours saving lives, often without proper personal protective equipment,” said Mindi Irvine, CEO and founding member of Oasis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab.

“Such long work hours can lead to tightness, pain and even the development of some overuse injuries with these professionals, and that’s where physical therapy can help immensely,” she added. “We want to make self-care more possible and available to them so they’re able to continue doing their jobs, which are so critical right now.”

The PT for Heroes initiative was created by Hands-On Diagnostics, a physical therapy facility based in Astoria, NY.

As essential physical therapists, Oasis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab already offers TelePT – also known as virtual or online Telehealth appointments – to clients in the Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, Walla Walla areas.

“Now, we are inviting all of the health care professionals in our area, as well as heroes on the front lines of COVID-19, to contact us for a free TelePT session,” Irvine said.

To register for these free appointments, health care professionals can register at call them directly at 509-416-0444 x9. 

“Our goal is to simply do our part to support all the critical professionals out there – the heroes who are doing all they can make us safe and healthy,” Irvine said. “As physical therapists, we can help them stay healthy, strong and pain-free so they can remain at their very best.”