Hip Pain

Don’t Let Hip Pain Keep You Down

The Hip Explained

A hip injury is nothing to joke about as it can be one of the most serious injuries and can lead to long-term health problems if not addressed correctly or inevitably prevented.  Athletes who play active sports like football, soccer, and rugby are more prone to suffering through a hip injury than athletes in other sports, however, hip injuries can also occur by accident, whether through a bad fall or quick and awkward movement. Therefore, you must know how to take care of yourself so you do not fall victim to this debilitating injury.

The hip is complex with a design that provides a good amount of stability. Its ball-and-socket structure allows good mobility and range of motion for doing a wide range of daily activities. Many powerful muscles connect to and cross by the hip joint, making it possible for us to accelerate quickly during actions like running and jumping. Understanding how the different components of the hip are built and connected can help you understand how the hip works, how it can be injured, and how challenging recovery can be when this joint is injured.

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Treating Hip Pain

Physical therapy is an integral part of helping you recover from hip pain.  It focuses on strengthening these muscles, increasing flexibility around the joint and decreasing the associated inflammation.  In the case of a traumatic injury such as a labral tear, the physical therapy won’t help heal the tear.  However, with the appropriate muscle training and activity modification, the symptoms may improve and help to avoid or prolong the need for surgery.

As therapists, we work closely with your referring physician to help distinguish the root cause of your hip pain.  The hope is always to avoid surgery by treating your hip conservatively. Aquatic Therapy is a great option for hip pain, whether to prevent surgery or to recover after surgery.  Walking on the underwater treadmill is a great way to help correct any limp you may have.

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