Joint Pain

Join Pain is No Joke

What Exactly is Joint Pain?

You have been active in your whole life. Maybe that is part of the problem. Your joints are wearing out causing you discomfort and pain. This tendency is better known as arthritis, the nation’s number one condition causing disability.

Arthritis put simply, is inflammation in a joint. Synovium, a special tissue that lines the inside of joints produces a fluid that acts like oil to keep the joint surfaces lubricated.  When the joint surfaces get irritated, the synovium becomes inflamed and produces excess fluid causing pain.  Fortunately, in many cases, physical therapy can help to alleviate joint pain and prevent future surgery.

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Where Oasis Comes In

A physical therapist at Oasis Physical Therapy can help reduce joint pain and swelling associated with joint injuries and arthritis by incorporating exercises to increase strength and restore mobility and function. For patients whose joint pain is too severe to begin treatment on land, water treatment can be a very viable option. Aquatic therapy combines the natural properties of water with therapeutic pool exercises to promote recovery and help with pain relief. The hydrostatic pressure of water can help reduce edema/swelling and the buoyancy effect of water can dramatically decrease the weight of a body on the joints or on a fractured bone allowing early rehab.

Obesity, injury and improper body mechanics can also cause joint pain. Physical therapy can assess and correct these issues to reduce their contribution to stress on joints. Exercise plays an important role in the recovery process and injury prevention. It helps to maintain the motion at the injured area promoting fluid reabsorption and preventing stiffening of joints. Your physical therapist can also educate you on returning to work and ergonomics and can help develop progressive exercise programs aimed at work conditioning.

If the joint pain that is keeping you from enjoying life, please give one of our offices a call to schedule a consultation.