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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Doesn’t Stand a Chance

What Lower Back Pain Is?

Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide with one half of all working Americans admitting to having back pain symptoms each year. It is the most common reason most people miss work is due to low back pain. Though it sounds serious, most cases of back pain are not caused by serious conditions such as arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer. Most likely it is from poor posture or from using poor body mechanics when working or lifting. Don’t become a statistic!

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How Lower Back Pain Is Diagnosed

The low back is made up of the lowest five of the 24 vertebrae of the spine. Doctors often refer to these vertebrae as L1 to L5 of the lumbar spine. The lowest vertebra of the lumbar spine, L5, connects to the top of the sacrum, a triangular bone at the base of the spine that fits between the two pelvic bones. Each vertebra is formed by a round block of bone, called a vertebral body. The lumbar vertebral bodies are taller and bulkier compared to those of the rest of the spine. This is partly because the low back has to withstand pressure from body weight and from movements such as lifting, carrying, and twisting. Also, large and powerful muscles attaching on or near the lumbar spine place extra force on the lumbar vertebral bodies.


Whether you have lower back pain because of a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, or any other issue that is seriously impairing your outlook on life and your happiness, physical therapy can help. Our physical therapists aim to provide a solution to you and to your problem, as well as supply information that will help you stay healthy and pain free after your injury is corrected.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to use non-surgical rehabilitation as opposed to surgery to resolve pain. With a goal to ease your pain and other symptoms, potential treatments options could include rest, bracing, mobility and strengthening exercises, pool therapy as well as improved overall health and fitness.

If you are tired of lower back pain and haven’t yet seen a physical therapist, please contact us for a free examination and consult.  We would love to speak with you and let you know how physical therapy can help.