Wrist Pain

Wrist Issues Can Arise For a Number of Reasons

Just How Complex Is The Wrist?

Wrist injuries are very common because we use our hands and arms for so many of our daily activities, and if we fall, it’s most natural for us to put our hands out to catch ourselves or break the fall.  Overuse injuries in the workplace occur frequently in jobs that are repetitive, as in working on a computer or on a line in a factory. Sports injuries to the wrist occur often, they can happen in almost any sport, and are likely to keep you off the field or court while you are healing.

The anatomy of the wrist joint is extremely complex, probably the most complex of all the joints in the body. The wrist is a collection of many bones and joints, ligaments and tendons, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. These structures allow us use our hands in many different ways. The wrist must be extremely mobile to give our hands a full range of motion. At the same time, the wrist must provide the strength for heavy gripping.

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How to Treat Wrist Pain

As you can see, the wrist is a complex area of the body. When you realize all the different ways we use our hands every day and all the different positions we put our hands in, it is easy to understand how hard daily life can be when the wrist doesn’t work well. Due to its complexity, however, wrist problems and even pain can arise for various reasons. Our physical therapists can help determine the cause of these issues and how to treat them to prevent more serious injury.

If your wrist or wrists are giving you trouble and making performing daily tasks difficult or even painful, please contact on of our offices to set up a consultation to see if physical therapy could beneficial to you.